Pens and paper handy? If you’ve printed the clue-pack, great. If you’d rather view online, the links follow each of the TAPES.

READY? Then play TAPE 1 (duration 14 minutes).

Your Investigation Begins...

Reference your CLUE PACK and MAPS (you can download all the paperwork if you haven’t already)

or you may prefer to view online.

Opens in separate window

ALL the PAPERWORK (in case you’ve not yet done so)

Meet the Suspects

Re-fill the glasses, nip to the loo, grab those chocolates (not necessarily in that order) and settle down to TAPE 2 (22 minutes).

Here you will meet the early witnesses and suspects. Could one of them be the killer? You decide.

Time for a Break

Check out THE PARISH MAGAZINE and THE POLICE STOLEN GIFTS LIST as published in the local newspaper.

These are the online links if you prefer.

Closing the Case

If your glass is half full, good for you. Butler’s was half empty at this point. The case began to wind down without a result.

This is where YOU come in. There must be an answer. We just need you to find it. Time for TAPE 3 (19 minutes).

Over to YOU!

Look, if you can’t solve this, don’t worry; you’re in good company. At least we tried. Just give it your best shot.

Complete your ANSWER FORMS and TIE-BREAK (if applicable).

If you’re having a party, get into the Christmas spirit with a good old sing-song tie-break. The best one wins. But DON’T WAIT FOR AN ACTUAL TIE. Run the tie-break first. Might as well have a bit of a laugh.

Join us in the Living Room...

…where our three detectives share their thoughts over a glass of port.

So WHEN YOU’RE READY, why not join them for The Dénouement (12 minutes).